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Iceberg is a highly dynamic web-based application, with a wide range of features to offer.
Creating powerful business solutions is now a task anyone can accomplish with Iceberg's "no code needed" solution to virtually any application. With Iceberg, users can accomplish in hours what programmers might take months to do. Iceberg also performs better as a platform by automatically adding enterprise features including web services, permissions and workflow.

Design House Project Manager.
A project management application for any design or development agency. Manage projects, get intelligent estimates based on history, interact with clients, view charts. Plus this it is fully integrated with our first killer app - full email integration, get emails, send emails, create tasks by email – PLUS iceberg keeps track of all your emails on a project automatically.
Bug Tracker
Manage the full workflow for a helpdesk or service organization, with multiple levels and stages of workflow this is a very powerful tool.

With Iceberg You Can Create:
An ERP application for thousands of users
A simple CRM tool for a small business
A blogger+AdWords/twitter mashup and everything in between

Main Iceberg 2 Features:
Web services - Call any web service with Iceberg and access Iceberg from external web services.
Power - Super powerful group, role and profile based permissions system allows almost any controls to be implemented in minutes.
Extensions - Developers can easily extend the Iceberg platform by contributing their own functions to Iceberg and sharing them on

Iceberg 2 is software evolved into drag-and-drop/form fill simplicity. A brand new website, a library of functional applications and refined user controls are just some of the enhancements to the platform. Users can share and/or sell their applications on the Iceberg Application Directory as well. The free download and install takes less than 5 minutes and the application can be skinned to the user's taste too.

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